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There's a compelling piece! I'd never really thought about it this way before and in reading your post, I started thinking about positive/benign tribal examples and I'm hard-pressed! Strangely enough the term evokes Lord of the Flies for me :) Maybe it's semantics I don't know - The Seth tribe is really a small, highly-focused, cause-bound group more than anything else - In that sense I'm all for it because I've always believed that change emanates from such small "commando" like teams (one reason I am usually skeptical of crowsourcing as a panacea.
I guess I see the tribe as a necessary step towards larger community - provides several can be networked together into a larger entity - a State essentially.(in political lingo). It's interesting to look at the etymology too: " from Latin tribus, referring to the original tripartite ethnic division of the Roman state" - so clearly based on division - so now in community are parts more powerful than the sum? Left to ponder :) - Great fodder for thought Ray!

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