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Olivier Le Pord

I'd say human nature... another interesting reference on rejection: http://healthland.time.com/2011/03/28/the-pain-of-romantic-rejection-like-being-punched-in-the-gut/

Ray Eisenberg

Olivier: Hence the expression "gutted." - Ray


I think it reaches something both primal and complex: yes, there's certainly the element of sheer biological self-preservation, but what's perhaps more interesting is how this fundamental exigency has come to be manifest in much more elaborate social contexts. It is telling, I think, that Socrates chose death over ostracism: it's better to cease existing than to be removed from the social body. From that social body's perspective, however, the entire practice of ostracism is a purgative procedure--a "social surgery by committee" of sorts--whereby cutting off the limb is (supposedly) required to save the patient itself. I find myself wondering, however, about how well this line of thinking carries over to Web 2.0 when a Facebook block or unfriend can be resolved with a couple clicks (and an apologetic email), but ancient ostracism took much more to resolve...

Ray Eisenberg

Caleb - interestiong perspective and goes to the power of face-to-face versus online. Thanks for the comment. - Ray

Nike Shox

A candle lights others and consumes itself.

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